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Modern Day Developer has a go at Atari ST programming

Well, Line-A calls are a bit of a l4m3r move, direct screen access is the Rite Of Passage, but it is their first program, so I can forgive 😀




An old friend comes to visit

X_k=\sum_{n=0}^{N-1}{x_n}{e}^{-\i 2 \pi k \frac {n}{N} }\;\;\;\;k=0,...,N-1

(I wouldn't normally mention it, but I heard WordPress can render equations now and I thought I'd see if it's true; it is)

Of Historical Interest…

I recently discovered an old archive with the source to Jaguar XJ-220, an Amiga to ST conversion I was working on back in ’92. Alas the project was cancelled and the game never saw the light of day.

Now, thanks to the coolness that is emulation, I was able to get it running again, and the cool dudes over at ST preservation site Guardians of the paST have added an entry to document this game that never was!