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Naffing about again!

Decided to have a crack at porting another of the old screens to HTML5 + Javascript, and thus I present The Naff Demo HTML5! This was a bit trickier than the last one as I had to rip almost all the data, an undertaking for which I had to make a sort of “ripper” program of my own since there doesn’t seem to be anything decent on Mac. Annoying, but it all turned out all-right in the end…

Naf Naf Naff!

Blast from the past sucked into the present…

…by the power of HTML5 Canvas & Javascript. So I succumbed and coded my first retro-remake. The Insignificant Demo is recreated! If you compare it to the original you should find it to be almost identical, unsurprising since I had access to the the original code, though not the source assets; that part did involve some faffing about. Still being quite new to this lark I’m sure the code is rather shonky, but I’m pleased with the result, and even considering having another go… ( Note. The audio playback works in Chrome & Safari only. For now at least… )

Insignificant Web Action!

Disaster strikes!

Bang! My PC just died a couple of days ago. I have a few ideas, but I can’t be bothered figuring out exactly what’s gone wrong right now so I just nipped out and bought a new PC.

Alas, I’m having difficulty figuring out how to remove the drive cage from the old case (I’ve removed every screw & tried pressing or prising every metal tab & flange I can find). Till I do get the drive out I can’t do much ST stuff. I had a backup on an external drive, but it’s a few weeks old. Guess I should improve my backup strategy, OTOH, all I need to do here is physically remove the old drive from the case!!!

Update 13/2/2009

Finally found the secret method for releasing the drive cage. Now recovering files. w00t!

ST Graveyard finds another victim

I have added my first ever complete screen to the graveyard. See it here.

Coming soon to an ST Graveyard near you

I have finished fixing up the unreleased Fingerbobs Demo TCC dug out. As soon as it has a name & a few new lines of scrolltext it’ll be ready! Coming soon!

Building the Sources

You have noticed that I’ve supplied source code to our screens when I have it. To build from sources yourself all you need is a copy of DevpacST v3 and an ST or emulation thereof. All the sources have been tested with this version of the assembler & work fine, so you should be good to go!

Fingerbobs on

It should probably come as no surprise, but the Fingerbobs do have an entry over on über scene site

Work in Progress…

This is the new Fingerbobs site, still under development. Here’s the link to the existing “Fingerbobs ST Graveyard”:

ST Graveyard Update

I have reversed the Naff Demo and added the Source Code.