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The Fingerbob's were a (mainly) ST demo crew which produced demos between 1989 and 1992. Here I've gathered up what I can find from that era, along with source code where possible. The simple fact is that most of that stuff is lost forever, but what most of what I do have is here.

The programs listed below have all been tested as working in the STeem 3.2 emulator. I have also tested this stuff with Hatari 1.2.0, which seems to mostly work, and with Saint 2.13 which works except for some of the STE hardware scrolling stuff.

Where there is source, I tested that it built okay, and it does.

Please enjoy this small slice of history...

Fast Formatter (’90)

Fastload FormatterThis is just a little utility I knocked up to create disks that loaded faster. There’s no magic here as it just skewed the physical location of the sectors to better account for track to track seek time. Anyway, I guess it might be of interest to someone, so here it is.

Fast Formatter EXE and Source

Naff Demo (’90)

Naff DemoThis screen was written shortly after the “Insignificant Demo” and was also intended for the “Decade Demo”. However for some reason it was not included. Eventually I did release it on a “Ripped Off” demo compilation disk. ( Hi Stick! Hi Bilbo! ). The music was from “Seven Gates of Jambala” and is very cool. I personally really liked this one. I no longer have the original source, but I have disassembled it instead.

Naff EXE and Source

Insignificant Demo (’90)

Insignificant DemoThis was our contribution to the “Decade Demo” by the Inner Circle. If I remember correctly we did this immediately after the New Year Demo (See above). It was also the first time Mr Pixar supplied the graphics. I also ported this to PC a year or two later, but I’m not going to put that up on this page, besides no modern OS will touch it!

Insignificant EXE and Source

Fingerbobs New Year Demo ’90

Fingerbobs New Year Demo '90Our first “BIG” Demo. I think I coded the whole thing in the 2-3 weeks around Christmas & New Year 1990. It looks quite ropey to me now, but I think it was probably okay at the time. I don’t have source for this anymore, but I know the source was released via a couple of PD Libraries, so if anyone sees it please let me know!

New Year Demo Disk Image (.ST) Only

Holburn Software Demo (’89)

Holburn Software DemoThis was my first complete and released screen. It managed to pack in sprites, barrel scroller, text scroller, distorted logo and rasters. I think this was not bad for a first attempt. As an added bonus, since this was for a Computer Shop, I managed to get “paid” in blank disks for my efforts! Sadly I have no source for this one, though I think it was released via a couple of PD Libraries. I’m interested if anyone spots it!

Holburn EXE only